This is a game that must be taken, this is the most familiar Chinese soccer “battle of life and death”.

At 7:30 p.m. on the evening of the 17th, the national football team to face the second opponent in the group stage of the Asian Cup Lebanon – the opponent hit the crossbar twice, Wu Lei also missed the opportunity to open the door …… Finally, the two sides 0-0 each other in the blanks.

After this game, the national football team only accumulated 2 points, the next game will face the host, the group’s strongest opponent Qatar, the line situation has been precarious.

National soccer team is undefeated in history

Looking back through history, the national soccer team is undefeated in its last five international matches against Lebanon (four wins and one draw) and has kept a clean sheet in its last four matches against its opponents.

The most recent of these was a two-legged Asian Cup qualifier in 2009 – when the national soccer team won 2-0 on the road, with Yu Hai and Qubo scoring, and returned home to win 1-0, with Du Wei as the goal scorer.

However, this game is the first meeting between the two teams in the Asian Cup.

The AFC also noted that after a 0-0 draw with Tajikistan in the first round, China have failed to score in their last two Asian Cup matches (the last one was 0-3 Iran in 2019), and they will be in danger of being shut out for the first time in three consecutive Asian Cup matches.

The last time the national soccer team won an official match was in October last year, when it picked up three points in a 2-1 away win over Thailand in the WC. Since then, the national soccer team has been defeated by South Korea in the World Qualification Tournament, and lost to Oman and Hong Kong, China in consecutive international friendly matches.

For this match, data company Opta predicts that the probability of the national soccer team winning is 50.6%, the probability of losing is 25.7%, and the probability of the two teams drawing is 23.7%.

Zhang Yuning to start, Jankovic changes formation

The second game of the Asian Cup is usually not a good game for the national soccer team, compared to the previous four cups in the first game of the opening of the first game, the national soccer team in the four group stage of the second game of the results are more general:

A 2-2 draw with Iran in 2007, a 2-0 defeat by hosts Qatar in 2011, and defeats to Uzbekistan and the Philippines in the last two editions.

For this match, Jankovic made two changes to the starting lineup, with Xu Xin replacing Wang Qiuming at the back and Zhang Yuning rotating Tan Long as the starting center forward, and the official formation given by the national soccer team changed from the previous match’s 4-4-2 to 5-3-2:

Goalkeeper Yan Junling, three center backs Zhang Linpeng, Jiang Guangtai and Zhu Chenjie, Liu Binbin and Liu Yang playing wingbacks, three midfielders Wang Shangyuan, Xu Xin and Dai Weijun, and double strikers Zhang Yuning and Wu Lei.

Jankovic, who has been regularly switching between the three center-back and four-guard systems in a game since last June, has also repeatedly said he wants his team to have the ability to utilize two sets of tactics in a single game.

“My starters are 100% ready and the players on the bench are 100% ready. The cup format dictates that we play one game in three days and all teams have some rotation.”

Arriving at the stadium for a pre-match interview, Jankovic said that proper rotation was a planned choice, “The game plan was prepared by us, the starting lineup was not adjusted on the fly, but there was a relevant plan beforehand.”

Crossbar and empty net

Due to the debut of Zhang Yuning, 9 years younger than Tan Long, the average age of the national football team’s starting lineup for this match dropped to 28.9 years old, with a total value of 6.3 million euros.

The average age of the Lebanese team is as high as 32 years old, with a total value of 2.95 million euros – as the team with the largest average age in the Asian Cup, Lebanon made four adjustments to their starting lineup for this match, with Bijel, a naturalized player from AFC Wimbledon of the English League Two, entering the starting lineup.

In an interview with CCTV, Jankovic said that set-pieces are still a tool that the national soccer team relies on, “We believe that set-pieces will bring positive results, the last game China was a step away from victory, I still hope that the second game can score through set-pieces.”

Striker Wu Lei, on the other hand, believes, “Lebanon relative to Tajikistan, I think they will be a little bit more physically conditioned, and then also a five-back formation, may be a little bit more on the defensive side.”

“I think as we, the most important thing is to come up to be able to hold their offense first, and then in the second half, we can certainly find the holes in their defense.”

Specifically to the details of the game, compared to the last game and Tajikistan’s comprehensive passive, the national football team at least and Lebanon played back and forth, no longer as nervous as in the last game, but the opponent’s counterattacks and vigorous side-line ball still create a threat – in the first half of the extra period, the Lebanese team launched a counter-attack, Gerardi a foot inside the shot hit the crossbar.

In the first half, the national soccer team’s possession rate was 57.8% to 42.2%, and the team’s shots on goal were 7-6.

At the beginning of the second half, the Lebanese team still used long-distance shots to threaten the national soccer goal and

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